Leaking Showers

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Leaking shower

Leaking Showers Warning Signs

Have you spotted the tell-tale signs of a leaking shower in your home? From rotten timbers and soft plaster to ruined carpets, these are more than just minor inconveniences – they're warnings. Ignoring a leaking shower can lead to extensive damage, costing thousands in repairs. It’s crucial to act swiftly to protect your home.

Don't let a small leak become a major problem. Contact Protect & Seal now for a quick assessment and safeguard your home against further damage.

Your Trusted Expert in Shower Repairs

At Protect & Seal, we specialise in turning shower leak nightmares into a forgotten memory. With our expert shower repair and professional waterproofing services, we stand at the forefront of resolving even the most stubborn leaks.

Need expert advice on shower leaks? Reach out to Protect & Seal – where every repair is performed with precision and care.


Evaluating the Severity of Your Shower Leak

Understanding the severity of your shower leak is crucial for the right solution. Is the leak confined to a small area or has it spread? Are the damages superficial or structural? At Protect & Seal, we help you assess the shower damage and understand the leak severity, ensuring that our response perfectly matches your needs.

Concerned about the severity of your leak? Schedule a detailed inspection with us for a comprehensive evaluation.

Effective Solutions for Minor Leaks

For minor leaks, our no tile removal service is a game-changer. It's cost-effective, minimises disruption, and offers a convenient solution to seal leaks without the need for extensive renovation. This approach not only fixes the immediate problem but also safeguards against future issues.

Comprehensive Approaches for Major Leaks

When it comes to major leaks, our approach is thorough. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may need to remove some tiles to get to the heart of the problem. Our advanced waterproofing techniques and major leak repair services are designed to provide a long-term solution, ensuring your shower area is not just repaired but fully revitalised.

Clients Feedback

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Eddy was fantastic! Turned up when he said he would, did the work in the time he stated and was extremely respectful. I would definitely call on him again. 5 stars! I have had shocking experiences with Tradies in the past and Eddy was awesome.

Carol Jenkis

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Eddy and his team completed the tiling job quickly and on time. They achieved a high standard at a competitive price.

Richard Castleford


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Don't let a leaking shower dampen your home's comfort and safety. Contact Protect & Seal today and take the first step towards a dry, secure bathroom. Our team is ready to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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