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Newington Shower Repair
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Newington Shower Repair

Our clients had a 2 storey home in which their shower was leaking into the laundry below.

The Protect & Seal team began by removing the shower screen in order to avoid damage.  We then proceeded to remove the floor tiles within the shower area, along with 2 rows of wall tiles around the perimeter of the shower recess.

The underlying chip board substrate had significant water damage, which meant that the floor had to be cut out and some timbers replaced in the walls as they were also impacted through the water damage.

Once the timbers were replaced, a fibre cement sheet was installed for the flooring and then the walls were subsequently re-sheeted using the villaboard.

After that was completed, we began the waterproofing process, sealing up all junctions with a construction type silicon and then the waterproofing membrane was applied.   Using no less than 2 coats of membrane, the floor was sealed and ready to be tiled.

The Protect & Seal team then sourced the tiles using 200mm x 200mm white gloss tile for the walls and a 200mm x 200mm white matt non slip tile for the floor.  The grouting process was then completed.

After the tiling was completed, we proceeded to reinstall the shower screen and seal it up, enabling the customer to use their shower the very next day!

Process time: 5 days

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  • 90mm x 45mm timbers
  • 6mm Villaboard
  • 20mm fibre cement sheet
  • Construction type silicon
  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Sand and Cement
  • Tile adhesive and grout
  • 200mm x 200mm white gloss tile
  • 200mm x 200mm white matt non slip tile
  • Bathroom type silicon

Date : 10th December 2018

Tags : Shower Repair | Leaking Shower

Location : Newington

Clients Feedback

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Eddy was fantastic! Turned up when he said he would, did the work in the time he stated and was extremely respectful. I would definitely call on him again. 5 stars! I have had shocking experiences with Tradies in the past and Eddy was awesome.

Carol Jenkis

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Eddy and his team completed the tiling job quickly and on time. They achieved a high standard at a competitive price.

Richard Castleford